Hema nail polish Nr. 18

Hi everyone!

The polish I will talk about today is from the “Hema”, a dutch store you can find in, I’d say, every dutch city (:

Sometimes the Hema has special (limited) editions of make up, but today I want to show you a colour out of the permanent collection of this shop. Unfortunately it only has a number: 18.

I would describe this colour as a light purple/gold duochrome polish – I bought it because I thought it looks so cute in the bottle, and I can never resist duochrome shimmer…

I must say, it is not the most uncomlicated polish to put on – it dries slowly, the application is watery and the brush is no help at all, plus the texture leaves streaks. Well, at least it is very easy to remove! So, I’m sorry if the polished nails on the pictures don’t look so neat – I wasn’t patient enough and I also could have done a layer more (on the pics it’s 2 layers).

In this artificial light, the shimmer and duochrome effect is visible (see above). In normal daylight (without sun) however, the nail polish looks a little pale.

Somehow, I still love this polish – even though I need quite some time to apply it – so when I’m in a hurry I would never choose it. Thank God there are so many other polishes that are easy to apply and dry fast 🙂



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