u.m.a. 20 “Cherry Blossom”

Hey everyone,

geez the last weeks have been so busy! Sorry for neglecting my blog. I promise I took lots of pictures of the nail polishes I wore during that time, and now one for one I will present them to you! So lets start!

This is a brand available in Germany, mostly at Kaufhof, Karstadt, Woolworth and so on. It is called u.m.a. and that stands for United Makeup Artists. The colour I’m presenting you today is called Cherry Blossom and it is a colour out of the standard range of this brand. The bottle is teenie tiny small, which I actually like, because I will never finish any of the big nail polish bottles I own anyways (:
I bought it because it looks very much like a duochrome in the bottle, the main colour shimmering olive-green with the second colour being a warm brownish-red. On the nails however, the olive-green is not that prominent anymore, but see for yourself! What you see here is two coats over a base coat and with a top coat on top.

The picture reflects the colour pretty accurate. The brownish-red seems to be the base colour and it has a rose-red shimmer to it. I like! Hereunder you can see the colour in artificial light.

I have to say that the formula is not the best. It is very liquid and not so easy to work with. Sometimes in the light I could make out some spots on my nails and at those times I thought that a third coat would have been good. Oh well, this polish was so cheap, so what to expect!

I think the name is very well chosen for this colour, I like how it looks on my nails and how the colour changes depending on where the light comes from. Thank you, nail polish industry, for inventing duochromes!


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Looking forward to your comments! Feel free to write in English or German :)

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