Claire’s Mood Polish “calm/wild”

Hey lovelies!

I always had a thing for extraordinary nail polishes, shades that have something “extra” to play with. My newest nonstandard polishes are crackling top coats, magnetic polishes, and of course, mood changing nail polishes.

For those of you who have never heard of mood changing polishes: There are some polishes that change colour, depending on the temperature (of your fingertips, basically).  Those are not to confuse with polishes which change colour in sunlight – they are also absolutely cool (like the “Del Sol” polishes), but until now, impossible for me to get here in Germany 😦

The most loved effect about mood polishes is, probably, that if you have long fingernails, the tip of the nail will have the cold colour, while the nail bed appears in the warm colour. This way you can get a very neat “french nail” look without having much work!

Today I want to show you the two different colours of the shade calm/wild from the claire’s mood polish series. On the bottle there is a sticker showing both shades next to each other, while the colour of the polish in the bottle will usually show the cold colour. This shade is the only one with a shimmery finish out of the mood polishes, all the other shades are cremes.

In this first pic you can see the slight “french nail” effect. It is sometimes even more striking, when your fingers are really warm (in the summer). This is what my nails look like most of the time.


In this second picture I caught the cold shade of this polish by holding my nails under cold water before taking the picture. The color change happens really quick, so a few seconds after this pic was taken it had turned almost rose again.


This is the colour “inbetween” cold and hot, some time after I had my nails under cold water.


This is what the colour looks like after a “bath” in hot water – it is almost impossible to take a picture before the nail pics turn cold again.

This last pic shows the direct comparison of the two temperatures.

I liked the application of the polish, it was easy to put on. I used two coats, I had also used a base coat (some people ask if the temperature effect would be less with a base coat but this is definetely not the case). I also used a top coat to give it a glossy finish. All the mood polishes dry kind of matte by themselves, so a top coat is a must.

Thanks for reading everyone, have a great start into the new week!


11 thoughts on “Claire’s Mood Polish “calm/wild”

  1. @makeupmorsels: aaw thank you very much!

    @concar1: yeah, the “moodiness” is what i’ve been thinking about: does ist mean that i’m calm when my nails are purple and wild when they are pink? Hehehe!


  2. I’ve sent your package out twice and it has come back to me both times. it seems like its been forever since you won my contest 😦 I don’t know why the package won’t go through. First time it told me incorrect postage, so i had them way it again (it was off by $.03usd) so i put an extra $.25usd on it and then they said the address was incorrect, but i didn’t change the package! I promise I’m trying!!!


  3. Hello

    I have a question. I´m a german blogger and i was so fascinated of this nailpolish so i want to write about this nailpolish on my blog. I want to ask you if i can use your pictures for my blogpost?

    P.S. : Can you answer me on my blog and leave a comment there?
    Wish you a nice day!


  4. Huch… ich dachte du könntest nur Englisch 🙂 (peinlich.. 😀 )
    Danke für die schnelle Antwort und das ich deine Bilder verwenden darf! Ich freue mich schon richtig darauf über diesen Nagellack einen Blogpost zu schreiben! 🙂 Gibt es den Nagellack eigentlich auch noch in mehreren Farben?


  5. Okay. Wahrscheinlich werde ich mir den dann bei ebay bestellen 🙂 Davor warte ich aber mal ab… vllt. bringt essence oder p2 zufällig solche Nagellacke ins Sortiment. Denke ich zwar nicht , aber ich warte einfach mal ab 😉


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