Depend 197

Hi everyone,

this is a quick post about another of the creme-shades by Depend with the number 197. I will never be able to remember the number and know what shade it is 😦 Too bad they don’t have names.

Well I forgive this brand, though, because their colours are amazing! This 197 is a light-grey creme shade with a hint of light blue. Two coats was enough to get a result I can live with, if I had had more time I would have put a third one to be sure to catch the last bald spots as well.

The formula is great, it is easy to work with and dries even and very shiny. On the pics I still added a top coat though, just to make sure that the polish lasts for some days and to make it dry some faster (I recommend Misslyn 60 Sec. Top Dry Coat!!)

This first picture shows Depend 197 in an artificial (but very strong) light.

This is in natural light at the window

Another pic in the artificial lamp light

And my nails from an angle, from which I usually look at them (yeah, call it picspam) (;

I have to thank Solveig from Nailin’ It again for this nail polish and for introducing me to the brand Depend. I won this little polish together with 2 other Depend shades at her giveaway, along with a whole bunch of other cool polishes!


2 thoughts on “Depend 197

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. What do you mean “not high-end super professional beauty blogger”? Your nails look super professional to me! How do you do your nails so perfectly? Looks great =)


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