Catrice 240 “Sold Out For Ever”

Hi nail polish fans!

Finally I got my paws on this nail polish, which really lives up to it’s name: sold out forever! I think this is not only hard to get because the colour is really cool, the main reason might be that it is pretty close to a Chanel nail polish colour called Jade. Judging by the swatches I have seen from the Chanel polish, I’d say that the Chanel colour has slightly more shimmer in it. But the  mint green base colour is near identical! So the decision is easy: Catrice Sold out forever for 2,49 € or Chanel Jade for 21,50 € ? 🙂

The colour could be described as a mint green with green micro-shimmer. Very beautiful in sunlight! It is much too thin in one coat, for my pictures I used 2 coats, but I think 3 coats would have been perfect. It is not the easiest nail polish to apply. But, to be honest, who wouldn’t accept an annoying application for the feeling to walk around with a Chanel nail polish colour on your nails 😉

Here the pics! Sorry, this time I couldn’t decide which pics to show, so there are more than usual! Click to enlarge!

In sunlight to see the beautiful shimmer

More shimmer (:

In the shade

With flash – the colour is now not very accurate, the sunlight pictures show the true colour much better!

This is what the colour really looks like!

Beautiful, isn’t it? Too bad summer is over, I think this is more a summer colour. Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!


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