H&M “Mad About You”

Hey beauties!

Today I want to show you another one of 4 available “holographic” nail polishes by H&M. I showed you Sinful Senorita before, which is my favourite out of the 4, and the one I will show you today is my second favourite, simply because of its unique blueish purpleish base colour. It is called Mad About You.

Where Sinful Senorita was a one-coater, Mad About You is not as opaque in one layer, but in the pics below I still didn’t need more than 2 layers. The application is very good, and I used a top coat on  the pics, which didn’t destroy the holo-effect (thank God!). The drying could be better, but I think I wish that for every nail polish actually lol. You can click to enlarge the pics!

I like this colour very much – the holographic effect is once again not very striking, which I like a lot. Sometimes, especially in sunlight, the bling-effect is overwhelming though, which makes wearing this so much fun!
I haven’t seen the 4 holo-polishes in the H&M stores anymore lately, so I am wondering if they are maybe discontinued…
Sorry I can’t provide sunlight pics again – but I will definetely move to a different place in 2010, I already abrogated my current flat (yay!). The new place will have a balcony, so can’t wait to rush outside with my cam every time the sun comes up! 😀

Have a nice week everyone!


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