Color Club – 852 Revvvolution

Hey ladies,

this is a post about a nail polish that I wanted to have since I first saw swatches of it (like with pretty much every nail polish I see swatched). Color Club polishes are almost impossible to get here in Germany, especially the beauties Revvvolution and Wild At Heart. And, as I had to experience, most “normal” people in Chicago, USA (by “normal” I mean those that are not addicted to nail polish) had never heard of the brand Color Club either!! Is this brand some local or state-bounded brand? A friend of mine had been given a secret list with all kinds of polishes I was longing for, and she couldn’t manage to bring me a single one of those back home! Because they were all impossible to get! I always thought that the USA are nail polish heaven!!

Anyways, where did I finally find the polish? At some very cute shop in Austria (: This shop has everything a European nail polish girl could dream of, from Color Club over China Glaze through Orly, Essie, and of course OPI. Thank you, Micky-nails Megastore 😉

Here are the pics! Enjoy! (clickable, as always)

Since I can’t just show you 4 pics in a row, I will write some more about black holographic nail polishes.  If you are looking for similar colours /dupes of this shade, the only other black Holos I know are OPI My Private Jet and Petites Black Diamond. The Petites and Color Club could be twins I guess. Please let me know if there are other black holos!

You see on these pictures 2 coats, where for some of you even 1 coat would be enough. The application is a dream. I still have to get used to wearing dark shades as nail polish, but the more I wear it, the more I like it! Not as goth as I had feared (:

Oh, everyone, there is one thing I wanted to let you know: Solveig from Nailin’ It has a contest going on (Guess the Polish) so go check it out! You can win some gorgeous OPI colours there!


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