OPI “Mod about you” and Nubar “2010″

Hey ladies,

as promised I will show you some of my creme-shades in my next posts, since my blog is a little sparkly-holo oriented up til now. This post is about OPI’s Mod about you, a pastel pink that is very bright – other people also describe it as girly pink or baby pink… but these descriptions contain certain connotations I don’t like very much (:

This shade is from the OPI Brights collection, which means that for once it is easy to get in Germany. I am very happy with it, for me it’s the ultimate cool-bright-pastel pink color that I have been looking for since I saw a girl wearing a shade like that in the tram! But see for yourself:

On these pictures you see two coats, I am very happy with the application because it dries smooth and shiny –  I still used a base and top coat, though, just to make it last longer I guess.

Now, a few days ago a nail polish from America finally arrived here.. Nubar 2010 – a flakie comparable to Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure or Gosh Rainbow or one of the numbers from the Nfu Oh polishes or the Colorama Shimmer Girl…. there are a couple of flakies like the Nubar, but they are all impossible to get here in Germany or barefaced expensive because of their uniqueness. I’m sooo happy to finally have the Nubar in my hands! So I just had to put it over my current mani:

Which flakies do you own, and which one is your favourite opal-flake shade? What was the best combination of base colour and flakie you ever witnessed?
Have a great weekend everyone!


8 thoughts on “OPI “Mod about you” and Nubar “2010″

  1. This looks so good with the flakie on top! I’ve actually owned a few flakies, but I gave one of them away and swapped the other! (That was Make Up Store Lava and Nfu-Oh 50.) Now I own Nfu-Oh 51 which is the most beautiful flakie I know, and it’s great layered over black. SH Hidden Treasure is on its way to me now, and it’s a dupe for Nubar 2010, yay!


  2. Gorgeous! I really want to try the Nubar flakie. My favourite is Gosh Rainbow – actually, the day I bought it, I had a pale pink manicure too, and couldn’t resist painting over it with my new flakie 😉


  3. ladies: thank you again for all these flattering comments!

    @entropiclady: Nfu oh flakies are so much fun! Enjoy (:

    @Solveig: I didn’t know there was a MAK flakie!! Couldn’t find it on their website either – is it a limited edition once again, one of those that I will never be able to get? *sigh*

    @nuaeabhrac: I wish I would have bought Gosh Rainbow when I had it in my hands once – but back at that time, I had no clue what I was missing when I put it back in its shelf…

    @Bre: yay! Be sure to read some reviews about the beautiful french manicure set from your blog (:


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