Depend 54

Hello everyone!

A special occasion is coming up today, because a friend of mine is having his wedding party and I get to dress myself up, yay! Oh and lets not forget, of course there is also another special occasion, and that is Solveigs birthday (:

♥  ★  Happy birthday!  ★  ♥

Soo, the polish i’m blogging about today is related to both occasions: first of all I got it from Solveig from her giveaway, and second of all, it is the perfect shade, going together sooo well with the dress I picked for tonight.

Now to the color itself: it is a creme color somewhere between green and blue, probably more green though. Turquoise maybe? It is superduper in two coats, once applied to your nails it dries out very smooth, so I really must say I like like like it!
My base coat (Nubar Foundation Base Coat) and my top coat (Misslyn 60sec Top Dry) seem to like that little cutie also very much. The harmony between the three of them was amazing 😉

Now see for yourself, and please only look at the nail polish, not at my nails… it’s been stressy lately…
In the background you see the dress, unfortunately the cam didn’t catch the color of the dress very well, which is why it might look like nail polish and dress don’t go together at all, but trust me, in real life they do (:

And here is one with flash (on the left), as you can see the color is hard to capture because this time it looks completely different! It also deserves a third picture because of its gorgeousness…

The dress is from H&M from the Matthew Williamson collection. I love peacock feathers, so this is one of my all time favourite dresses. When I’m back from the wedding there will probably be proper pictures of the dress (and me in it).
Have a nice weekend!


4 thoughts on “Depend 54

  1. Hey, thank you, honey! 😀

    The polish looks gorgeous on you, and I’m sure it goes perfectly with your dress. Hope you have a lot of fun at the wedding! 😀


  2. @Solveig: thank you, I had the time of my life. Hope you had a great birthday!

    @impyroghea: yeah usually I search my ** off for nail polishes that match my outfit, but this one just fell from the sky (:

    @makeupmorsels: thank you very much! The wedding was awesome!


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