MNY 107A nail polish – I’m a sweetheart LE

Hey everyone,

there is this thing with me and Limited Editions… I always have the urge to possess at least one item out of LE’s I like, probably because of the fact that they will not be available forever. This rouses my deepest hunting instincts and then BAM! I find myself at the counter with new nail polishes (:
This is what happend recently with a Limited Edition by the MNY-series of Maybelline. This series has been launched not so long ago, and I think that it is addressing 14 til 20 year olds. This of course is not a reason for me not to buy their stuff (:

Now to the nail polish from the “I’m a Sweetheart” LE. The name of this polish is, like all the items of MNY, just a number. This is annoying, because I keep forgetting it and I also can’t connect numbers with colours. So the 107A could be any colour and I will probably never associate it with this nail polish. The A at least stands for the fact that this nail polish comes from a limited edition.

Here is what it looks like with flash. Every pic is clickable to view it in full size. You see here 2 coats, no top or base coat.

So how to describe this colour… in the bottle it looked like a pinkish-duochrome colour with golden shimmer, while on the nail I think its more a real Barbie-pink and I really don’t like it on myself…
But for completeness, you also get the second picture. Oh, what I do like about this nail polish is the texture, easy to apply and a very even finish.

At least here you might be able to see what I mean by “golden shimmer”. But it just doesn’t turn out the way I had hoped it would. I must say that I also bought the light-blue version of this, polish number 109A, but I don’t think I will try that one out any time soon. Maybe I am too old for this brand.


9 thoughts on “MNY 107A nail polish – I’m a sweetheart LE

  1. @makeupmorsels: exactely!

    @solveig: “young” polish is the right expression (: maybe once in a while, to a special outfit, it might be perfect though. We’ll see how we get along 😉

    @smALtY: All I did was two coats so far. I know, maybe the colour will change a little / get more intense with every coat. Worth a try!


  2. I admit I have bought colors I do not even like just because they were LE. It’s a problem. 🙂

    This is a pretty pink, and I like the look of the bottle top–very fun.


  3. @TaZmaNiA: thank you so much (:

    @KarenD: how many more colors will there be… HELP! (: The bottle top design is really neat. Kinda retro and very stylish – i like it too! It is not only the design of the LE, all their products look like that!


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