Nailmail from Norway!

I’m so excited, because the mailman just rang my doorbell. And its not because of the mailman (not hot at all), but because of what he handed over to me! Look!

This is the prize I won from Solveig‘s 1 year anniversary giveaway! It was the first giveaway I ever entered, and the first giveaway she ever did 🙂
Thank you so much, all these polishes are so unique to me, I cannot purchase a single one of them over here in Germany.
Also, I wanted to try more creme-polishes on myself, and what can I say – plenty of polishes to try now!

I’m especially excited about the pastel-shades from depend, and, not surprisingly, about the OPI DS Vintage, since the Designer Series polishes have been on my wishlist since I first saw swatches of them.
Actually, I can’t make up my mind about which one to try first… and also, my nail wheels are full! The new nail wheels won’t be delivered until in 2 weeks – so this is a real disaster!

Apart from that, thank you Solveig for making my current nail polish box burst at the seams – I need a new way of storing all these polishes – now!

Have a great weekend everyone, I will go to the Kölner Lichter. It is a huge event of fireworks, which are being fired from ships on the Rhein. Stunning! This was in 2008 and yes, I made the pic myself (:


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