Go Germany! WorldCup South Africa 2010

I still can’t believe that Germany won against Argentina yesterday.. 4:0 !
In case you don’t know what I’m talking about – the football world-championship is taking place in South Africa right now, and Germany just made it into the half final, where they will have to face Spain now.

Inspired by this unbelievable german team, I started my first manicure ever with more than one colour… german flag on my nails, with black, red and gold…

I am kind of proud when I look at the outcome – on the other hand, I found out that nailart stuff is not for me.. I always manage to screw it up at some place, and it never looks as neat as when I see how others did it. Same with the german flag on my nails, its ok, the lines are straight, but it still doesn’t look neat. I am too impatient for that stuff.

Anyways, I’ll share it with you, and I won’t be mad if you tell me it’s crap 😉
It’s good enough to show your support for the german team lol.
I used Gosh Nero (thanks to solveig for suggesting this wonderful black creme!), some random red and H&M creme de la creme golden holo. Click on the pictures if you want to see the full size mess ^^

Thanks to my boyfriend for providing the official jersey of the german team 😉


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