H&M holographic nail polish! – Sinful senorita

Hi everyone,

I finally found some time to talk about the collection of holographic nail polishes that H&M sells (yes, they sell holos :)). They might not be as effectful as other holos we know, but that can also be positive, right?

There are 4 colours:

  • “You rock my world” (classic silver holo)
  • “Sinful senorita” (pink holo)
  • “Mad about you” (blue holo)
  • “Creme de la creme” (golden holo)

I have them all except the silver one, mostly because I already have 3 silver holos….
The other three look approximately like in the picture on the left. I saw a lot of blogs complaining about the price of these babies… 4,90 €… in my opinion, this is nothing to complain about, because these polishes have a great quality and are pretty unique… anyways, when I walked through Cologne yesterday I saw that they had reduced lots of stuff from their beauty-collection (in all of the 4 H&M’s in Cologne, yes, I checked them all out), so RIGHT NOW they sell them for 1 € a bottle!! If I were you, I’d go and get them now 🙂

Today I want to show you the outcome of the pink shade called sinful senorita. And here it comes (click to view full size):

What you see here is an unbelievable one (!) coat, it is so opaque and really fun to apply. With one layer of a shiny top coat you can easily wear this up to 3 days without any chipping. I absolutely love it 🙂

Here you see a comparison of the MAK holo “Britt” and the H&M holo “Sinful senorita” – just to show you the different but in both cases stunning holographic effect:

So, the thing is, I love them both – the “Britt” is a pain to apply and pretty sheer in one coat but has an unbelievable effect, and “Sinful Senorita” is a piece of cake to apply, is opaque in one coat, but has a more subtle holographic effect. The other H&M holos will be swatched for you soon! 🙂

Thanks for reading my blog, and enjoy your weekend!


7 thoughts on “H&M holographic nail polish! – Sinful senorita

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  2. I’m so happy that you entered my Giveaway and like this I was able to find your blog. I love this nail polish color, it’s very similar with Kinetics Divine that I just reviewed a couple of days ago. 🙂


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