Bourjois Very Vernis – 62 Paillettes disco

Hey beauties!

Today I want to show you one of my first glitter polishes ever.. I bought it in the Netherlands once, even before my whole passion for nail polish emerged ;).
The brand is called Bourjois, a make up brand available in lots of parts of Europe… except for Germany of course, as always…The nail polish itself is called “Very Vernis” and the colour is 62 Paillettes Disco, which pretty much describes what it is!
Before knowing that such a thing like holographic nail polishes exists, i always thought that this was the ultimate glitter polish you could possibly get. And, well, actually I still love it, because there is of course a difference between holos and glitters. So when you are more in the mood for glitters (also great as a topcoat), then this is what I would advice you to get.

It is easy to apply and dries fast. Also, with one coat, you already get a good amount of glitters on your nail, but you can, of course, increase the glitters with every coat you add. In my swatch I used one coat plain on my nail, but the effect is of course more beautiful over any colour you like, as a “top coat”. Sooner or later I will show you this beauty over black, but first of all I need a good black nail polish! (If you know a good creamy one, just plain black without any glitters, please feel free to tell me about it!)

No matter if you apply this over another colour or just on your nail, you might want to put a clear top coat over it, as it feels not very smooth due to the glitters. Once topped by a clear coat, it doesn’t feel bumpy at all any more. Here is what it looks like (all pics can be enlarged by clicking on them):


6 thoughts on “Bourjois Very Vernis – 62 Paillettes disco

  1. Great looking glitter! I love the Bourjois polishes, but we don’t have them in Norway, though. As for a black creme, I can definitely recommend Gosh Nero, if you have Gosh in Germany. It’s opaque in one coat and very shiny. 🙂


  2. Yay its good that you mention that, thanks for the tip – we don’t have GOSH in Germany, but luckily they sell it at the Kruidvat in the Netherlands. I will definetely go and get it!


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