MAK holographic nail polish “Greta”

Today only a quick post about a second one of my favourite holo nail polishes: The colour “Greta” is a grey/silvery holographic nail polish (for the other colours check out my previous post).

Since I promised to swatch it for you, here is a quick swatch.
What you see here is two coats of MakeUpStore nail polish “Greta” and a Top Coat of Maybelline Jade “Salon Care Glänzender Überlack”.

I must admit that it can be quite tricky to apply the holo nail polish – you always have to watch out so you don’t miss any spots, and also if you touch an already coloured (but not yet dry) part of the nail with the brush again, it will tend to wipe off colour instead of adding more. So what I usually do is go over the middle line of my nail once with the brush (so that i have only a thin layer of holo in the middle of the nail), then let it dry, and then do the two sides so that the holo doesnt get transparent again. This works quite well!

But now to the swatch (click picture to view full size):

Update: There are special base coats for holographic nail polishes. The one from the MAK brand is called “Aqua Base Coat” and there is a similar one from Gosh called “Fix Base Coat”. Also, Nfu Oh sells one that is called “Aqua Base”. They all work soooo well. When you have them on your nails as a base coat, all the problems with bald spots while applying holographic nail polishes are forgotten. Somehow they make the holo-particles stick to the nail very well. Helps a lot!!

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