MAK – holographic nail polish!

Check out this nail polish I found during my trip to Finnland!

The brand is called MAK Make Up Store and is one of the leading cosmetics franchises in Scandinavia. Founder, owner and front man Mika Liias has come a long way since opening his first store in Stockholm in 1996. The idea is still to provide the customer with personal service, competent advice and top quality products at affordable prices.
Today MAKE UP STORE is one of the fastest growing companies in Sweden, with over 160 stores in 22 countries.
I would even say that it is to the core comparable to the famous MAC cosmetics which we all love so much 🙂

But lets get back to the incredible nail polish they offer!
It is holographic, that means it shimmers unbelievably in all kinds of colours. And it is so covering that you will only need one layer to get a perfect result!
Here are the 4 colours available:

The colours are

  • pink (“Britt”)
  • silver (“Greta”)
  • brownish (“Madeleine”)
  • blue (“SIW”).

The polish costs around 16 € per bottle. One bottle contains 8ml.
Check out the result of the pinkish colour, “Britt”:

Make Up Store Britt nail polish

If you have no way to purchase this brand, i have a tip for you: There is another brand on the market selling holographic nail polish: China Glaze has a collection of nail polishes called “OMG”. They offer 12 (!!) different colours, six warm ones and six cold ones. Check out the colours:

You can find lots of blogs trying them out and showing them on nails. Since I have no experience with those, I can’t tell you if they are as covering as the MAK-ones.
What I can tell you is that these holographic nail polishes will run over Germany soon. When I wore the holographic nailpolish and went into some perfumeries, everywhere I got questions like “wow what’s that nail polish?” and “Where did you get that, which brand is it?”
I think Germany is more than ready for either CHINA GLAZE or MAK holographic nail polishes!


2 thoughts on “MAK – holographic nail polish!

  1. I have most of the OMG collection from China Glaze, but they’ve been discontinued. 😦 China Glaze stopped making them in February-ish of this year.

    China Glaze has their Kaleidoscope line, but that has been discontinued as well.

    You can still find both of the collections if you look, but the really popular colors are fairly hard to locate. 😦

    I love L8R G8R – my most favorite of them all.

    I love your swatch – going to to have to put MAK on my list of polishes to try!



  2. I love the MAK holos! I have to go to Make Up Store this summer and snatch some more of their polishes. They have such a great range, more Euro brands should make polishes like that!


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