Dressing up for my best friend’s wedding

It cost me quite some time and nerves to find a dress for my best friend’s wedding on May 1st 2010. I tried on what seemed like hundreds of dresses, which all looked boring, didn’t fit, or didn’t have the special “something” I wanted for this wedding.
When I had almost given up hope on the second shopping-day, I finally found the perfect dress. The brand is called “Unique”, some info about this brand can be found in the following box:

But what is more interesting is how the dress looks like of course. I found a model wearing it at the CPD in Düsseldorf in February 2010. The CPD is an international trade fair for womenswear and accessoires. The fashion label “Unique” presented its new collection for summer 2010. And here comes the dress I will be wearing on my friend’s wedding (the one on the left):

I bought it at the “Kaufhof” in Cologne, in size 36, and it was even reduced! Lots! The original price was 249 Euro, I got it for 149 Euro, which absolutely made my day.
If you like that dress, go have a look there, you might find it in sizes 38 and 40 for the same price.

Oh and for the record, a picture of me, trying the dress on at Kaufhof.

Of course the dress alone won’t make my wedding outfit – I need shoes, jewelry, nailpolish and makeup. Oh, and a hairdo. I will keep you updated on what choices I’m gonna make for those. The models on the CPD had nice shoes to the dresses, as you can also see in the following video (the second model wears my dress!!)

So girls, if you are searching for the perfect dress for a special night, like a ball, a wedding, a prom, a party… I can ensure you that “Unique” has the right dress for you! And don’t worry, they don’t only make black dresses like the ones shown above. They have very colourful ones too, long, short, elegant, sexy… whatever you can imagine! The website is http://www.unique-europe.de/



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